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FAQs  //  Have questions? Get answers.

Q:  What type of services do you provide?
A:  We are a Full Service Contractor specializing in the following:

  • High End Large Scale Projects
  • Major Alterations & Renovations
  • Additions & New Construction
  • Basement & Multi-Room Remodeling
  • Bathroom Rehabs & New Construction
  • Kitchen Remodels
  • All Construction/Remodel/Repair Items
  • Insulation, Roofing All Types, All Exterior Carpentry/Siding
  • Tile, Masonry, & Stone Work
  • All Rough & Finish Carpentry
  • Drywall
  • Painting

We provide detailed floor plans for all large scale projects.  These will be presented to the customer with the final detailed contract as a service to you at no additional cost.  This will truly help you visualize your finished space!

Q:  When can PHS begin my project?
A:  After the contract is signed and an initial deposit is collected, we will partner with you on a desired start date.  If you have a start date already in mind or a completion deadline, we will do our best to meet your schedule.  Typically projects begin within 2-3 weeks from contact  signing.  This time is used for procurement of materials, crew selection, and management preparation.  In special cases we can expedite this process to best meet your need.

Q:  What hours do the crews work?
A:  Our typical work day begins between 7:30am-8am and ends between 4:30pm-5pm Monday-Friday.  When the project demands it, we are willing to accommodate an alternative work schedule with the customer’s permission or request.  This may include starting earlier, working later, and/or working over the weekend.  Again, all work schedules will be discussed and agreed upon by the customer.

Q:  Does PHS provide free estimates?
A:  Yes, always!  In fact we encourage you to schedule a free detailed estimate with PHS.  This will allow us to give you the most accurate estimate considering scope, schedule, and budget to ensure that there are no surprises.  See “Contact Us” and schedule a time at your convenience.

Q:  How does payment work?
A:  Payment is received as follows: 40% of the total contract cost will be collected as a deposit at the onset of all projects.  For large scale/longer duration projects,  a 30% payment of the total contract cost will be due when the project is at 50% completion.  The final 30% payment is due upon 100% completion.  For smaller scale/shorter duration projects,  60% payment will be due upon completion. 

Q:  Does PHS accept credit cards?
A:  Although most home improvement contractors do not accept any form of credit card payment, we do!   We initiated this payment option as a service to our customers to offer more financial flexibility.  All major credit cards are accepted for a portion of the project or the project as a whole.  A nominal surcharge of  2.75% will be incurred for all credit card payments only to offset the costs incurred by PHS from the credit card companies. 

Q:  What brand of materials does PHS use?
A:  We believe that quality workmanship begins with quality materials.  We pride ourselves on using the highest qualities materials from fasteners, sealants, and fixtures to lumber, trim, and amenities.  We are committed to using top grade products to ensure the best end results on every project for our customers.      

Q:  Who will be working on my project?
A:  We only employ and work with expert tradesmen; some are masters in many facets of the industry while others are very specialized in specific skills.  Crews are assembled and customized based on each customer’s project needs, dependent on scope and size.  Each crew is led by a knowledgeable onsite foreman.  We never use day laborers. 

Q:  How does PHS determine pricing?
A:  Every project is unique.  For that reason, we always provide potential customers with a free, detailed, in-home estimate.  We will work with you to best meet your project needs within your schedule and budget.   

Q:  Why choose PHS?
A:  It’s true there are many contractors to choose from and we are aware that the industry, at times, has garnered a negative reputation.  For that reason we know that a good contractor is hard to find.  PHS was created out of a genuine love of the work and a dedication to customer satisfaction.  PHS differentiates itself from the competition in a number of ways. 

  • We offer a free detailed estimate to each prospective customer. 
  • We partner with the customer on scope, work schedule and budget. 
  • We tailor each work crew to align to the specific needs of each project. 
  • We use top grade materials in all aspects of the job.
  • We pride ourselves on being flexible to meet our customers needs.
  • We continuously communicate progress to the customer throughout the project.
  • We pay you for any PHS delays in schedule. 

We are dedicated to customer satisfaction and guarantee our work for one year from the date of project completion.  We rely on our customers’ satisfaction to drive our business.  Your happiness is truly our reward. 

Q:  Does PHS warranty the work?
A:  We offer a comprehensive, non-transferable, 1 year warranty on all PHS workmanship.  While we do not anticipate the need to for any customer to utilize this warranty,  should a mishap occur, we promise to promptly remedy the situation including all labor and materials. 

Q:  How long will it take to complete my project?
A:  Each project’s schedule will be determined and noted in the formal contract from the onset.  We work hard to anticipate any deviations from the original plan and consistently status our customers throughout the project.  Should a project’s duration exceed the original estimated schedule due to unforeseen conditions, adverse weather, project additions, etc. PHS will promptly notify customers of delay and update the schedule accordingly.  If the project is over schedule due to a PHS delay, the customer will be reimbursed at a rate of $100/day each day over plan.  This is just one of many examples of our commitment to customer satisfaction.

Q:  How can I best contact PHS?
A:  You can best reach us by phone at 202-290-3674, by email at, or through our website at  Most inquiries are addressed the same day.